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The Wine Crush - About Us

We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Wine Crush. This once “hole in the wall” boutique wine shop with the cool patio to enjoy your wine tasting has grown into what many locals (and beyond) consider the place to find the best wine in all of Long Beach.

Over the past eight years (our ownership period) we have been fortunate enough to experience success in the two aspects that drive this business: 1) Wine Selection and 2) Customer Sales. This success is the direct result of the old mantra: “try, try and try again.”

On an annually basis we taste nearly 3,000 different wines, only to put less than 10% of them on our shelves. Needless to say, we are very selective! More importantly, these 3,000 wines a year, well over 20,000 in our eight year tenure, have helped us develop a “not so bad” palate, one that serves our 500+ loyal customers (who we call “friends.”).

While we definitely move at our own pace, we do implement new (“new” to us) methods of getting our wine into the hands of our friends. To date, our wine is sold through wine tasting (done on our one of a kind outdoor patio), brick & mortar retail shop, wine club(s), and online retail. Some of these channels have fared better than others, but they are all useful & successful in their own right. We look forward to our newest identified channels to be rolled out in early 2015.

Join us for one of our weekly themed tastings offered every Thursday and Friday from 4-8pm and Saturday from 1-8pm.


The Wine Crush, LLC
3131 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803