Stolpman Vineyards 2021 Love You Bunches Orange

Stolpman Vineyards 2021 Love You Bunches Orange

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Winery Notes:

The Pinot Gris and Orange Muscat co-ferment provides a redish-orange tint while the Gewurztraminer brings a pink peach tone. The Semillon adds a bright yellow tint to bring the final blend back to an orange hue. Pinot Gris lends savory rich layers, while Gewurztraminer brings ripe aromatics and feathery mid-palate stuffing. The tropical orange muscat becomes integrated into the Gewurztraminer while the Semillon brings the finish of the wine to a high acid crunch. Overall the wine shows firm, quenching citrus fruits with loads of mashable, mouth-filling tactile yumminess. 

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