Crosshatch 2019 Depth

Crosshatch 2019 Depth

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Winery Notes:

Artists create “Depth” in their work by utilizing light and dark regions in an image to allow the piece to truly captivate its audience in an interesting and unique way. The co-fermentation of these two Bordeaux varietals yields contrasting flavors of soft baked plum, and vibrant, spicy earthiness of radish and root vegetables. There is a hit of green pepper on the nose together with baking spices.The rich and velvet-like palate feel of the Merlot blends beautifully between the rugged and organic feel of the Cabernet Franc. This blend reveals its unique power mid palate, and gently winds down into a delicate and mellow finish.

Composition: 60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc

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